Brigham City Outdoors


We service all makes and models of bicycles.

Service Prices
Single Speed Tune Up   Tubes/Tires  
Adjust Hubs Install Tube $4
Adjust Bottom Bracket Install Tire $4
Adjust Headset Install Slime $2
Adjust Brakes
Minor Wheel True Brakes  
Lube Chain $19 Adjust Brake $8
Basic Tune Up   Derailleurs  
Adjust Hubs Adjust Derailleurs $8
Adjust Bottom Bracket
Adjust Headset Wheels  
Adjust Brakes True Wheel Minor $8
Adjust Derailleurs Build Wheel $39
Minor Wheel True
Lube Chain $29 Drivetrain  
Lube Chain $1
Complete Tune Up   Install Chain  $5
Wash Bike   Degrees & Lube Drivetrain $10
Degrease Drivetrain
Adjust Hubs Other  
Adjust Bottom Bracket Accessory Installation $5
Adjust Headset Assemble Bicycle $29
Adjust Brakes Package Bicycle $29
Adjust Derailleurs
True and Dish Wheels
Lube Chain $39
Remove and Clean All Components 
Wash and Degrease Bike
Repack and Adjust Hubs
Repack and Adjust Bottom Bracket
Repack and Adjust Headset
True and Dish Wheels
Install New Cables and Housing
Adjust Brakes
Adjust Derailleurs
Lube Drivetrain $89